The log application is your personal vehicle mileage log book, where you can get information on the following main functions:


The application automatically generates a tracking-log that meets the tax claim to the driving record. This means that all trips are recorded with the time of starting and stopping, starting- and ending-address and the distance. After completion of trip you will have access to your Logbook, where you can combine trips, check rides with "private" / "work" and note the name of the person who drove the car. You can also tag all trips with various labels / tags, which are entirely optional - you can build your current selection of tags as needed. At every log you can further assign a free-form.

Eco Index

The application helps you to minimize your fuel consumption – as a focus on economical driving. The application summarizes ongoing assessment of fuel consumption from among other vehicle characteristics, accelerations and velocities. After each trip a description of the trip is generated, including date, time, start- and end-address, distance and eco-index. Furthermore, the user may easily set one or more "tags" on the trips. It will be possible to set and display statistics which can be used to continuously improve driving style, and thus minimize fuel consumption, CO2 emission, etc.

Risk Index

The application can calculate a risk index based on a logging including velocities, accelerations and decelerations. The sum of these logs on a trip gives a measure of how aggressively your car has been run on the tour and thus the level of risk. You'll also have an option for calculating the various statistics based on the measure of your driving style - or the individual family member's style.


The application shows online the location of your car on a map. In addition, the car's history is shown, which can be presented any number of times.
 Should you have trouble finding your car - theft, stress or something like that - you can send an SMS to the application, which will then respond back with the location. Having a smartphone with a mapping application, you could easily transfer the location to the map.
It is possible to create your own GeoFencing. You can draw a polygon on the map and ask the system to keep track of your car in relation to this area and possibly a period of time. The application will then notify you by email or SM, if your driving restrictions are not observed.

Driving log functions

On the map below you can see how the ITS platform detects the start and end time of your trips. In the bars below the map you can see time and distance of your trips, and also where the trip started and ended. As mentioned above you also have the option to add tags to the individual trips. The colours on your selected trip show how fast you have driven. The green colour means you have driven between 0-50 km/h, blue is 50-80 km/h, purple is 80-110 km/h, red is 110-130 km/h and black is 130 -? km/h.