This application can give you different kinds of traffic reports tailored to your needs. The application is not yet fully developed, but we're working on a number of options. We expect that you will be able to request information about traffic problems on a specific road or a specific area. You design your “private” route and / or area on a map on your personal web page and indicate for which period you want the information - for example, weekdays between 7 and 8 on the stretch where you go to work.

The map inserted shows a participant who has requested information on potential traffic problems on the line from the entry ramp to the freeway at Vodskov until the AAU, but only in the southbound direction and only weekdays between 7 and 8 He also has indicated that he would like to have information both as SMS to mobile phone such as email and as a voice message to his Innbox in the car. Voice messages can be read aloud if you install a specific application on your smartphone.

ITS platform provides traffic reports based on data from all ITS Platform Project InnBoxes, but we are cooperating with the Road Directorate's Traffic Information Center, Aalborg municipality and Danmarks Radio's traffic portal. These data are put on top of our own data. In this way we are able to deliver reliable traffic just for the line you want, at the time you want it and in the way that is most appropriate for you.