The purpose of this application it to map travelling time, stress levels, delays and velocities relative to the speed limitations of the road network.

ITS platform data collected from vehicle movements in road transport, also known as Floating Car Data (FCD), provide new opportunities to identify this. Such informations are used by many “traffic-players”.

A travel time database for route segment divided roads will be developed. In the database we will store both the FCD as traditional style counts, and ITS platform has statistical functions and extraction tools to determine:

1. Time dependent travel times - with associated uncertainty determination of route segments and series of route segments.
2. Load levels and delays at intersections and on lines.
3. Identification of locations with speeding violations.

Use of FCD in traffic technology offers many new opportunities but also a number of challenges. With traditional censuses and surveys, we have very detailed measurements of such number and speed of single points of road, but no knowledge from a position few meters from the measurement point. With the ITS platform FCD, the situation is reversed: we have detailed knowledge of the behavior of some cars on the entire road network, but we only have knowledge of a small sample of the cars on the road.